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Emirates to Study EV Charging Infrastructure

Editorial Staff
May 10, 2022
Image: Zaptec via Unsplash.

The United Arab Emirates will examine growing electric vehicle charging points under a new agreement as transport fleets increasingly switch to electric.

Mubadala Investment Company PJSC (Mubadala) and Paris-based ENGIE, agreed to study the potential development of a digital platform for charging electric vehicles in Abu Dhabi and the Middle East region, according to a release published by Zawya.

The slated digital platform would include a joint solution for the installation and operation of charging infrastructure in Abu Dhabi and the UAE. The partners will also explore further areas of collaboration in sustainable mobility.

“The adoption of clean fuels and electrification of public and private transport systems will be key levers for reducing carbon emissions and pollutants in cities,” said Ian Harfield, Managing Director of ENGIE Energy Solutions. “The UAE, in particular, is leading the change towards independent electric cars in the region and targets to enter about 42,000 electric cars on its streets by 2030. This partnership with Mubadala is a commitment of our contribution to the UAE’s evolution towards green mobility.”

ENGIE has gone big on renewables in the last year, acquiring development rights for offshore wind in Scotland, South Korea, and the United States.

Increased electric vehicle fleets have been tabbed as one method to reduce emissions and combat global warming. Emissions from EVs are up to 43% lower than traditionally fueled vehicles as reported by Carbon Brief, according to the statement.

Electric vehicles can be customers for increasing amounts of solar and wind energy generation as renewables expand their reach and compete with coal and fossil fuels for markets. The switch to renewables has gained broad global support as nations seek economical ways to reduce their emissions.

Developing an EV-friendly digital platform can play an important role for the UAE to meet the goals of its Strategic Initiatives Net Zero by 2050, according to the statement.

“Mubadala is committed to driving sustainability in the UAE and the wider region by laying the foundation and advancing future focused sectors in the fields of technology and mobility,” Badr Al Olama, Executive Director at UAE Investments in Mubadala Investment Company said.

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