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Investors plan 1.4 GWh new wind farms in Romania over next five years

BNE Intellinews
Mar 16, 2021
Investors could pour over €2bn in Romania over the coming five years to develop 1.4 GW of new wind power capacities in what seems to be the second wave of renewables investment in the country, Ziarul Financiar daily reported, outlining the major projects in the pipeline in the sector.
Large investors have already approached power grid operator Transelectrica to get approvals for their projects, the daily reported.
For comparison, in 2009-2014, Romania attracted investments of over €4.5bn in green energy capacities, being, at that time, the tenth country in the world by the size of investments in wind turbines.
That boom was triggered after 2009 by a very generous state support scheme, which was then slashed due to the high costs for local energy consumers, leaving the investors in a difficult position.
This time, the interest is likely linked to the EU’s transition towards a climate-neutral economy.
Verbund, the largest energy producer in Austria, has resumed a 57 MW project in Tulcea, with the new commissioning date scheduled for 2024. The necessary investments should be about €85mn, based on an average cost of €1.5mn per MWh installed in wind farms.
Currently, there are about 307 MW in wind projects that have grid connection contracts, according to Transelectrica data, including that of Verbund. Such contracts guarantee the investor that once the project is completed, it will be able to deliver electricity to the national energy system.
In addition to the 307 MW with connection contracts, another 460 MW obtained the technical approvals for connection. Most approvals were issued last year. Last month, a local company from Galati received approval for a 363 MW wind farm, Pechea Eolian.
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