Sep 22

Welcome to the Plastics Weekly, NEO’s regular news monitoring of the plastics industry.

Every Monday, we publish a roundup of the top developments in plastics and sustainability – from regulatory changes to company news.

This week’s highlights:

  • Thailand’s state-run oil giant is spending billions of dollars on green energy companies and shifting its traditional businesses towards chemicals and plastics, as oil refiners turn to recyclable plastics to continue profiting from petrochemicals. (Bloomberg)
  • The fashion boom in recycled plastic comes with a hefty price tag due to the rising cost of recycled plastic. Major petrochemical companies like Shell, Dow and Indorama are already investing in chemical recycling technology as a response. (Financial Times) 
  • Samsung has pledged to eliminate all plastics in mobile packaging by 2025. The move is part of its commitments to act more sustainably across its mobile product lifecycles and business operations. (Circular Online)
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