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Plastics Weekly: Unilever Invests $15m to Boost Recycling

Editorial Staff
Mar 29, 2021

Welcome to NEO’s weekly news monitoring of the plastics industry.

Every Monday, we publish a roundup of the top developments in plastics and sustainability – from regulatory changes to company news.

This week’s highlights:

  • Anglo-Dutch consumer goods giant Unilever has invested $15 million into the Closed Loop Leadership Fund that supports U.S. companies in increasing recycling rates and building a circular economy. The investment will help Unilever recycle an estimated 60,000 metric tonnes of plastic packaging waste annually by 2025 – more than half of the firm’s plastic footprint in the region. (Green Queen)
  • Wildlife filmmaker Sir David Attenborough has appeared in a video campaign for a new plastic recycling technology in the U.K. The move comes as the U.K. starts the construction of a groundbreaking recycling facility which is claimed to be the first in the world capable of recycling all types of plastic. (Forbes)
  • Plastics are the latest material to cause a major supply chain disruption in the wake of Covid-19. Companies that have early warnings of disruptions and visibility into which sites and products will be impacted will have a competitive advantage. (Harvard Business Review)
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