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Yandex Seals Deal to Power Its Finnish Data Center With Wind Energy

Editorial Staff
Jun 30, 2021
Image: Appolinary Kalashnikova via Unsplash

Russian tech giant Yandex will soon power its data center in Finland entirely with wind energy, according to a company statement.

The NASDAQ-listed company has signed a 5-year power purchase agreement (PPA) for wind energy with Finnish renewable energy producer Ilmatar Energy. Under the agreement, Yandex will source renewable electricity from wind farms operated by Ilmatar to cover 100% of the energy needs at its Mäntsälä data center in Finland. Delivery of renewable electricity to Yandex will begin on January 1, 2022.

Yandex is the leading search engine and ride-hailing provider in Russia and has been described as Russia’s Amazon, Uber, Google, Deliveroo and Spotify rolled into one.

The Yandex ecosystem comprises more than 90 mobile apps, services and products, including an autonomous delivery robot, AI-based voice assistant, restaurant delivery, online marketplace, car sharing, music streaming and more. The announcement comes as the company expands its rapid e-grocery delivery operations, including in Europe starting with Paris.

The agreement with Ilmatar advances Yandex’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint, the company said. In its inaugural Sustainability Report, Yandex reported that 52% of its carbon footprint was associated with electricity consumption, 90% of which was attributed to data centers (DCs).

Yandex says its newest data centers, including Mäntsälä, are designed to be 6 times more energy efficient than the global average. Following the PPA with Ilmatar, the company will see close to 20% of the total electricity consumption of its data centers worldwide powered by clean energy from regional sources.

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